Rocky Flats


Born among the roughest and toughest, yet not heartless, pirates to ever sail the open airwaves.  Rocky Flats has spent years honing his pirate abilities and evolving into the underground scallywag he is today.  After taking the helm at Green Light Radio, and going through a myriad of different techniques and showcases, Rocky decided that it was time for all pirates to come together against the oppressive regimes of The Commission.  Now Rocky is dedicated himself to helping incorporate the entire front range of independent and underground and pirate radio stations into a vast fleet of entertainment, news, local promotions, community activism, and downright fun.  Rocky Flats is determined to alleviate the dreadful and atrocious repetition that exists in our over-commercialized airwaves.  Rocky believes that the airwaves are a natural resource, and as such, should be treated by the individual communities as such and to take control of them from the irrelevant corporate overlords that exist today.

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