Hey GLR fans, I’m DJ Pecas.
I am the original wayward punk of the group. I started DJing for Green Light Radio in July of 2010, when I found out there was no punk rock being played on the station. It made me sad, so I righted that wrong.

My show, The Punk Rock Show, plays every Monday might from 10pm to 12am. I have been influenced most by NoFX, and I love So-Cal pop-punk, but I try to limit playing what I love. I am always searching for old, new, local, obscure, and undiscovered music. So, if you are a reading this and have some music to share or want heard, please email me at, I do take requests.

My website is  Here you can find comments from bands, a list of local upcoming shows, playlists for past shows, photos, and music.

On facebook, you can find me at
Here I have current playlists, photos of shows I’ve been to
(I go to shows like it’s my job), and drops for GLR from various bands.

I love Pirate Radio, and am happy to keep punk rock elite. x

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