Words to live by
Words to live by

Ggirl grew up in Boulder, but a hippie chick she’s not. As a DJ, when she’s not busy ripping on the FDA or pointing out the corruption in the male-dominated, money-driven media, you will likely find her throwing the best selection of new, alternative and indie hits on the playlist. Anything goes when Ggirl is hosting the show, so sensitive ears stand back. A self-proclaimed microphone monopolizer who’s a loner at heart but loves to talk, Ggirl is, in addition to being a mess of contradiction, most at home behind the mic. She is, however, not opposed to sharing that mic with fellow pirates, guests and band members. A little known fact about Ggirl is that Radiohead is her all time favorite band, even though that statement has fallen from her lips in regard to many, many, oh so many bands. Ggirl loves chocolate, interviewing bands, covering local events and occasionally ambushing lectures. P.S. Ggirl doesn’t do Phish.

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