Damned Paradise

Damned paradise is an adventure horror story told in the style of a radio drama.

A detective in homicide, an evening socialite, a nurse, an ex-soldier turned big game hunter, and a young hacker. What do these five people all have in common? They have all been kidnapped an taken to the island of Isla Palma. By day the party works tirelessly to find a way to escape, because once the sun goes down, they are hunted by creatures from their darkest recesses of their nightmares.

Join the survivors in this ten episode radio drama as they explore the caves of the island, scavenge through the wreckage of a destroyed air field, and uncover the secret behind the massacre that took place at the Hotel Isla Palma.

Like the Facebook Page and help support the kickstarter campaign to get this project into serious action.  A lot of passionate and dedicated people are working endlessly to see this become a reality.  Support the passion!!!


damned paradise promo poster

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